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Monday, 10 October 2011

The X Factor: No surprises there

Last night, for the first time on the X Factor live shows, the judges each had to send home one of their own acts. And true to form, there were no real surprises. Yes, plenty of my friends (and every comment on Facebook) is in uproar about something or other, but that's just normal now.

Jonjo - Probably the most predictable of tonight's choices, for me anyway. Louis once again chooses drama, personality and ratings over someone with actual talent. We all know that Johnny Robinson should have gone home - or blasted off to space in that outfit - but he kept him in for obvious reasons. Sorry Jonjo, but you are boring. Simple as. Keeping Johnny in guarantees more headlines, more attention to the show and therefore more money in Louis' bank account. Tough, but that's showbiz palls. Next.

2 Shoes - I had a mahoosive crush on these girls from day one. I am not a "TOWIE" fan and don't watch it (I'm a definite Made In Chelsea girl myself). But they were just so bubbly and fun and generally a breath of fresh air in a competition that can easily become such a drag. I loved their cute little sayings; their fun, innocent nature (that was until I found out one was preggers, blimey!) and their voices - that was up until Saturday night. Who knows what happened then, but it certainly wasn't good and they were definitely the weakest of the groups. Apart from Nu Vibe who I don't remember at all, which has to be saying something. At least, although 2 Shoes were really awful, I knew who they were and if Louis had the groups I reckon they would still be running around the X Factor house declaring their love for each other and all kinds of footwear as we speak. Tulisa stuck to her morals and really did send out the worst performers of the night, and I guess she's a better person than I am. Even just for the happy, bubbly entertainment I would have kept them in a bit longer. Thank God Marcus is still here to keep some of that going. And on to the boys...

James Michael - As you will know, I am not a fan. There's no specific reason for this other than his face disturbs me. He just seems slimey and cheesy and reminds me too much of the golden boy in school that never got in to trouble and always had the teachers wrapped around his little finger. Well, James should have tried a little harder with the last part... Anyway, he was the obvious choice to go, I think. Frankie is going to be around for a long time whether we like it or not. Simply because if Gary Barlow dared to get rid of him then hundreds of thousands of young girls would descend on his house screaming bloody murder. Craig is the talent of the boys without a doubt; he has a belter of a voice and is one of my favourites for the final. I was worried for my little Marcus momentarily (bear in mind I don't actually like him, it's just his general happiness that makes me smile) but needless to say Gary pulled through on that one.

Amelia Lily - Now, this was the only one that made me vaguely raise an eyebrow. Kelly undoubtedly had the toughest decision and seems to have picked all genuinely talented individuals. From the minute they announced the 'big twist' I knew that Amelia would be in the bottom two. I just figured Misha B would be there with her, and that Misha would go. I'm sure she’s a lovely girl, but the whole sing/rap/sing a bit more thing that she has going on just isn't my cup of tea. Call me old fashioned but I like my music to be, you know, music. That doesn't include talking really quickly about stuff no one really cares about in a way you can’t understand. If I wanted that, I’d watch Jeremy Kyle. When I first saw Amelia's audition I wanted her to win. Then I found Sophie and Janet and I got over her pretty quickly. I'm guessing Kelly did too.


  1. I wanted to be, but everything about the live shows has been so underwhelming so far! :/