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Friday, 9 December 2011

Theatre review: Cinderella on Ice

Malvern Theatres was transformed last night by 14 tons of ice and became home to the spectacular Russian Ice Stars and their enchanting version of Cinderella.

The small stage glistened as time and time again it was revitalised to set the scene for the magical opening night. The ability to present their dazzling interpretation and bring that vision alive in such a constricting space undoubtedly shows the artistic ingenuity of Italian choreographer Cavaliere Giuseppe Arena.

Their combination of beautiful dance and outstanding acrobatics left me on the edge of my seat, but each time the stars managed the impossible and skated perfectly with unbelievable accuracy and painstaking precision. In particular acrobat and vaulter Yuri Kuprin’s nail-biting flips and trampoline jumps left me in awe as each time he landed perfectly always just within the edge of the stage.

There were spectacular performances from everyone, but the stars that shone brightest for me were Prince Charming Valdis Mintals and our Fairy Godmother, former world champion Ekaterina Murugova. Husband and wife Mintals and Murugova had undeniable chemistry on stage and their performances together were breathtaking. Mintals skates beautifully and is the perfect Prince, dazzling the audience with his spins that get faster and faster. He holds Murugova with ease, lifting her high in the air in the palm of his hand. Murugova’s grace and outstanding abilities constantly shine through and the couple together are the perfect pair skaters.

The only forgettable performance was that of our leading lady, the young figure skater Valeria Vorobyeva. There is nothing that could be said against her incredible skating, but her believability and acting as Cinderella left a lot to be desired. Thankfully this didn’t distract at all from the mesmerising performances and Vorobyeya won my heart in her final dance with Prince Charming.

Although they may be lesser characters, the stepmother (taking from the pantomime tradition as Sergei Smirnov played your typical outlandish dame), stepsisters and jesters, provided much appreciated comic relief that lightened the spirit of the show and instilled jovial festivity. The jesters wowed the audience with their juggling and carnivalesque, and the sisters were completely lovable, a little bit naughty and gave brilliant comic value as well as being extremely talented skaters.

The atmosphere was electric as the stars skated away the night that flew by faster than their spins. Russian Ice Stars presented an enchanting spectacle to an unsuspecting audience that will undoubtedly be a huge success in Malvern as it is elsewhere.

Cinderella on Ice returns again tonight and runs until Sunday 11th December. Tickets are available from £20.50.

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