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Friday, 17 August 2012

Kettlercise: my body hates me.

So, I have now been to my second Kettlercise class at my local Leisure Centre and I've got to say, OUCH!

The first class was actual hell. It was so much more intense than I ever thought it would be, and boy was I feeling the effects for a long time afterwards. I never thought that just adding weights to a few small exercises would make such a big difference, but the next day muscles that I didn't even know existed were screaming at me.

Basically, Kettlercise (or the one I go to, I'm not sure if they're all the same) is a 50 minute class with a five minute warm up and cool down at the end. After the usual jumping around to get your blood pumping at the start, it then leads in to a series of one-minute mini exercises with no break in between. These range from your usual bicep curls and lunges to push ups, sit ups and general body-breaking hell, with the added bonus of a Kettlebell. The weight of these bells ranges from 2kg up to 12kg, with a maximum of 8kg recommended for women. I opted for a rather sensible 4kg (or so I thought) but my God does it feel heavy by the end! It might not be that heavy, but after a gruelling 40 minutes with them I could not move. My mum and I had to sit in the car for a good 10 minutes afterwards so that I could actually get some power back in my arms and drive.

But, the weird thing is that despite obviously lifting the weights with your arms, my stomach and legs were what hurt the most afterwards. After my first class last week I had an interview the next day which meant travelling to and from London, and I was in agony. In hindsight it was not the best time to start a new exercise regime as I seriously struggled hopping on tubes and to different offices. I felt like I was hogging a dead weight around my ankles!

Anyway, against all the odds and any sense of logic, I went back this week and actually... it wasn't too bad. I don't know if it was because I knew what to expect or I subconsciously didn't put as much effort in because of the pain it caused last time, but I felt vaguely more human afterwards. Don't get me wrong, I was still gasping for breath and looking sweaty and disgusting, but it was definitely an improvement. I mean, I've been able to move today without screaming. That's progress my friends!

The actual class is also quite fun. Being as the exercises are so short you don't have time to get bored and it moves on to the next one just before you think your body is about to give up. It's quite clever really. I am pretty determined to keep going with this one I think, and if this week is anything to go by then it can only get easier which is reassuring. Though who knows, this time next week I might be sat here sobbing into my laptop because I can't lift my arms to type. Eh, no pain no gain hey!

As a treat, I have decided to spend my evening having a nose around one of my favourite ever websites, Live Laugh Love. I've currently got a basket loaded up and I keep inching closer and closer to the checkout button. I know I should be good and come back to it tomorrow to see if I still like everything...but what the hell, we all deserve a bit of a treat! Eek, if only I had as much of a work out as my credit card, I would be a seriously skinny minnie.

So have you ever tried Kettlercise? Please let me know what you think and if it is worth sticking with! I hope everyone is having a lovely week :)

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