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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lovely London #BoatParty and the making of #TeamGreece

My god life is busy when you actually bother talking to people. I've gone slightly overboard lately with the meet up mission, OkCupid and also for some unknown reason posting a desperate 'please be my friend!' add on Gumtree. I have people coming out of my ears. For those people who say London is unfriendly, you obviously haven't been trying hard enough. Or at all. There are so many other people in there same situation and you don't realise it. So many normal, non weird people (okay so most of the Gumtree ones are more than a bit crazy, so maybe avoid that one) are looking for new friends. And I personally think it is fabulous. That is modern, new age, cosmopolitan living as it should be, with people wanting to broaden their social horizons and try new things.

I met Nigel a few weeks ago at LSI and we've been coordinating meet ups together since. He is a fantastically funny and bubbly 38 year old tube driver, and we get along really well. Now I implore you to come up with any other situation in which that would happen, it's the most random friendship ever, but it works. 

We arranged to go on a boat party social last weekend - which I never would have gone to alone, it's great once you just know one person. We mingled and mooched around, but always had each other to come back to; a place of stability amongst chaos - we were each other's lifeboats on board.

Throughout the coarse of the evening we met hundreds of others just like us, some new to London, some who had been here their entire lives but friends lived so far away and couldn't see each other as much as they used to. And in amongst them, we came across a few beautiful gems and formed #TeamGreece (more on that later, I bet you're dying with the suspense). Arthur is a South African native living with Alina, his gorgeous Turkish-born girlfriend, and Alan is a Londoner through and through, living in Croydon and looking to new meet people as everyone has moved away. Somehow this group of stragglers managed to find each other and came together to form the winning group of the night, and forge some winning friendships.

There night was World Cup themed, and at the start we were given badges with a different country's flag on with the aim of finding your fellow brethren throughout the evening. The winning team had to post a picture of themselves on a Twitter by the end of the night and in turn get free drinks.

I was team Argentina. In fact the only team Greece was Alina, but anyway, we cheated and we won with the picture above. Queue some lovely beverages and an experience that tied us together for the night.

The party was fantastic, it didn't rain and we saw some beautiful London landmarks whilst enjoying the company of some interesting people. I suppose the purpose of this post is really to encourage others to do the same. If you are lonely or feeling lost in London, just try it. I know that it takes courage and there are so many people out there who aren't confident enough to go alone or don't really know where to start - I just want one person to read this and decide that they can do it, to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and keep trying. It takes a lifetime to build friendships, but it starts with a hello, and every time you meet someone it is the opportunity to start something lovely. If you mess it up, there are thousands more out there. What's the worst that could happen?

I know that this is new and very early days, but I'm excited about the future of Team Greece and where we will end up. This Saturday at least, we are having a reunion and going to a Mexican. Our own spin out meetup from a meetup, and that makes me really happy.

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