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Saturday, 5 July 2014

#TeamGreece #VivaMexico and Goliath strikes back

Tonight was the #TeamGreece reunion, which was just what I needed to take my mind off my dating incompetence and Jack's lackluster communication efforts.

We headed to Wahaca, which is a chain of Mexican restaurants and this one based in Soho. The food was awesome, if you are a Mexican fan I definitely recommend trying it out. There are loads dotted around London and definitely worth a visit.

We had a lovely meal, some very lovely margarita's and I am really looking forward to seeing them again. Lately I've been bombarding myself with dates so I forgot how nice it is to just have a relaxed evening with no pressure and not have to get drunk to soothe my nerves.

But talking of nerves, I spent most of the weekend thinking about Jack, and when he would ever message me. Should I message him first? On our date he made it very clear that he hates the whole man/woman division, anyone should be anything they want and he hates playing games. Which made me think I should message him first. So I did.

And we have a date on Friday night, meeting at the same place. I have generally decided he is a fucking awful communicator, hence why I was so confused by what he was thinking or if he liked me. Since we met up, the conversation is dead over messages, so I've decided to ignore him and see what he is like in person again. He has not asked me one question since we've been talking, and I haven't asked him any in return. Thus, nothing to talk about. 

I'm taking from this a) he is a shit texter b) he doesn't actually want to get to know me at all. And if it is the latter, that is fine, I will call him up on it. If he isn't bothered about getting to know me, then I don't want to know him at all. So we'll see what he's like in person, and decide then. Friday is the decider. It's make or break.

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