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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Battling with Match

There are several problems I have with online dating. I should probably say many, because several doesn't quite cover it. There are many, many, many things that are bad about online dating.

Firstly, when I find someone online, my mind automatically says "What the hell is wrong with you that you can't meet people in real life?" That is a big hurdle to overcome. The second one links with that and does not give online dating a good reputation - 95% of guys online are fucking rotters and literally cannot meet people in real life because people would run away. The third big issue is how people use online dating to prey on weak women looking for their soulmates and use them for sex. And obviously there are those pesky issues like you don't have a clue who you are talking to, you cannot tell what someone is like by the words that they type, you could be talking to a lesbian ice fisherman in Alaska for all anyone knows and stuff like security, stalking, technology replacing human contact, etc. etc.

All in all, before we've even started, online dating is not looking that appealing. So, why the hell have I signed up to

Now technically (and I am 100% saying this to save my pride) I did not sign up and pay for a match subscription myself, which automatically makes me look at people on the site and be like "hah! I'm not as sad as you, at least I've not actually paid to be here". That makes me feel better for a few minutes, then I remember that I am still there by choice. No escaping that. Basically, I have a friend that works for Match and she went nuts when she found out I was A. single B. willing and C. a keen blogger. Put that all together and you have the perfect Match brand advertiser/Guinea pig. She has very kindly set me up with a month's free access as long as I go on dates and then tell the world about my match experience. Actually, I think she mainly just wants to live vicariously through me and the actual brand promotion comes a very distant second.

So that is what has led me to this point. I am sat at my desk at work, on lunch, and scrolling through this (very clunky and non-user friendly, btw,) app. Most of the people I have come across so far fit very well into the aforementioned rotters category. All of the messages I've received go along the lines of "Hey babe, you're fit, lets chat" (but obviously not as well-punctuated) and needless to say I have not yet caved and partaken in said chat. Let's see how long that lasts tonight after a bottle of wine when I'm in bed alone.

One thing I do need to say, though, is that after a disjointed 20 minutes of scrolling and tapping there are some guys that I've come across and been happily surprised into thinking "huh, you're a normo." I've messaged one and favourited a few (which is a nice cop-out from actually having to be the first person to start off the awkward proceedings).

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