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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Weight loss: Go hard or go home

I am going to Jamaica in two months. Two months yesterday in fact. Two months.

I am incredibly excited, and also fucking nervous as hell because I have a lot of weight to lose. When we went to Mexico last year I went on a spree and lost about 3 stone - I had about 4-5 stone to lose at the time. I now am faced with the same dilemma this year because I like to work under pressure and didn't do anything about it for the remaining months of the year.

This time last year I was 15 stone 9 pounds. I am now 13 stone 4 pounds. At my lowest, I was 12 stone 6 pounds but I've obviously been a lazy shit and had Christmas and whatnot and just got comfortable. By Jamaica, I want to be 11 stone 4 pounds. By Jamaica, in two months time, I want to be 10 stone something. I know that't not going to happen but I like to tell myself that I'm not really 13 stone 4, that was just the fact that I'd had breakfast/worn heavy jeans/hadn't been to the loo. Really, in my head, I reckon I'm about 12 stone 10. So 10 stone 10 is my new impossible goal.

I've made a bet with the girls at work that I will lose the most in the next month, there are 4 of us in total. 2 of them are minuscule and they don't stand a chance, but one girl, PR, is about 3 pounds heavier than me and 2 foot shorter, so she'll lose weight easier. She has more to lose. She is my main competition. She is aiming to lose 6 pounds in a month, I am aiming to lose 1 stone in a month. Go hard or go home, fuckers.

So I started this fitness kick on Monday, it's now Wednesday, and to celebrate last night I went on a date had 2 bottles of red wine and a Guinness. It was not a great call. Damn PR, she's going to beat me.

Just kidding, no chance. I am going to kick everyone's ass. I am going back to my fucking pedantic, anal, meticulous calorie counting using MyFitnessPal (I'm obsessed) and thanks to half price gym membership with work I am going to the gym every single day, usually before work. My food plan is as follows:

I am having porridge for breakfast (plain, no sugar) and a blueberry or strawberry Actimel, which comes to around 250 calories

Home-made salad for lunch (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichokes, beetroot, barbecue cooked chicken, roasted peppers and maybe a slice of goats cheese if I'm feeling naughty) which comes to around 290 calories

Dinner is my current sticking point. Back last year when I lost 3 stone my dinner consisted of vegetables and cocaine and nothing else, but A) the veg was gross and B) I am now 4 people's boss so cocaine on a week night is not advisable. I'm going to have to think about this. Monday night I was unprepared and starving so I ate my bodyweight in pasta and cheese. And last night, as I said, was not particularly successful either (although the date itself was a great success) with my Persian chicken and rice, flatbread, humous, tzatziki and copious alcohol that amounted to about 123862454463934 calories. But tonight, tonight will be different. I need to find a happy medium between drug fuelled starvation and binging on carbs. I think quorn is a good shout, but what else? I hate vegetables, they are just so boring. I hate stir-fry's. Maybe steamed fish? Maybe brown rice and chick peas? I think that's probably what I'll end up doing, I don't mind that. Whatever I go with, I will not be having over 1000 calories a day, including any drinks (oh tea, I miss you so much <3 p="">
Bring on 2 months of pain. Every weekday I will get up at 6am, walk 3.5 miles to work and then go to the gym for an hour. I will do fitness classes in the evenings and walk 3.5 miles home. I will then do my quota for the 30 day squat challenge (read: rest of your life squat challenge).

I need someone to talk to about this, so the short straw has fallen to you my dear friends. It will be pedantic, it will be boring. Please don't judge me.

Jamaica. 2 months, 2 stone. Bring it.

Date: 18/03/2015
Weight: 13 stone 4 pounds

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